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Dash Camera Installation Near me. This is what most people search for when contemplating having a dash camera professionally installed into there vehicle. Why have a dash camera? Having a dash camera is an important part of your vehicle in 2022. The biggest reason to get a dash cam is the footage they record can be used as evidence in the event of an incident. All the Dash cameras we sell record continuously while you are driving, When the memory card becomes full, the camera then overwrites the oldest footage. If you have an accident the cameras will automatically detect this, And lock this footage in the memory card allowing you to retrieve it at anytime without fear of loosing it.

Thinkware Dash Camera Installation


A dash cam is a camera mounted to the interior of your car, often just below the rear-view mirror. Its primary function is to record the road ahead of your vehicle, but you can also buy more dash cams to use as backup cameras or to watch the sides or interior of your vehicle.

Dash cams are typically quite small and can be mounted more or less discreetly to your windshield. Some even have a small built-in screen and navigational panel that allow you to review footage and adjust settings without having to use your phone or laptop.

It’s fair to say that, when it comes to dash cams, you get what you pay for, ES Auto Installations have researched and installed many brands of Dash Cameras and we currently so far recommend brands BlackVue, Thinkware and Nextbase.


What does a Hardwire Dash Camera install entail? All our Installations are carried out at your home or work address convenient to you by a fully qualified Auto Electrician. When we arrive at your address we will asses your vehicle and plan/explain what we are going to do.

We will install the front Camera, Usually this is below the interior mirror, We will then remove part of the headliner of your vehicle securing the cable across to the front A pillar, We will then remove the A pillar and run the cable down towards your fuse box, Carefully avoiding any air bags that are in the A pillar and securing the cable out of the way. We will then Remove part of your dashboard to allow us to access the fuse box.

Now we have access to the fuse box our qualified auto electricians will source a power feed for your camera. This is usually a Ignition feed or on some cameras Ignition and live. After finding a good power feed we Solder the feeds together professionally, solder is a safer and better option than using ‘piggyback’ fuses that plug into the fuse box which you find typically on a ‘hardwire kit’

After testing the camera and checking the work we have done we will secure all panels back together. We will set your camera up and fully explain on how to use all its features and how it works.

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Professional Dash Camera Installation Near Me

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