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Scorpion S5 Plus Tracker

The Scorpion S5 PLUS Vehicle Tracker is an advanced vehicle tracking solution with 24/7/365 theft monitoring delivering you vehicle security and peace of mind. The S5 PLUS provides all the features and benefits of the S5 Tracker with the addition of AUTOMATIC immobilisation. If a thief tries to start the vehicle without the driver tag present then the engine will be immobilised and the vehicle will not start.

✓ Suitable for Cars, Vans & Motorhomes
✓ Thatcham Category S5.
✓ Smallest device on the market
✓ Comes with 1 x Automatic Driver Recognition tag
✓ Approved by all Insurance companies.
✓ 2 Year Warranty.
✓ Employs GPS & GSM to communicate the vehicles position throughout Europe.
✓ Automatic Remote Engine immobilisation facility.
✓ FREE Smartphone App bursting with features.
✓ Transport or Garage Mode.
✓ Fully Transferable to new vehicle.

Installation included within the Price

Scorpion S5 PLUS Vehicle Tracker and Immobilisation

Is an advanced tracking solution providing 24/7/365 theft monitoring to provide security and peace of mind whilst offering a comprehensive range of driver convenience features for life on the road. Key features include

Full 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring
If your S5 plus Tracker detects unauthorised movement the Scorpion Track will notify the 24/7/365 day monitoring center of a possible Theft.

Automatic Driver Recognition
S5 PLUS tracking systems are supplied with a discreet Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tag that you can attach to your keys or place in your pocket. If the vehicle is moved without the tag present, the unit sends an alert to our 24/7/365 Monitoring Center who, in turn, will immediately contact you to confirm whether a theft has occurred.

Automatic Immobilisation
The vehicle will only start when the authorised driver possessing the ADR tag is present.

iOS and Android Apps
The free ScorpionTrack mobile app allows you to remotely access and manage security, safety and convenience features including location, journey history and notifications.

Police Liaison
In the event of a theft, the ScorpionTrack Monitoring Team co-ordinate directly with Police Force control rooms and units providing real-time location and other data with the aim of quickly recovering the vehicle and arresting the suspects.

European Coverage
Included as standard with no hidden or additional charges.

Insurance Approved
Choose from either the ScorpionTrack DRIVER S5-VTS or S7-ALS system and rest assured that your tracking solution is insurance approved to Thatcham Security Certified (TSC) S5-VTS or S7-ALS criteria.

2 Year Standard Warranty
When you invest in a ScorpionTrack product, you have secured peace of mind from an established British based manufacturer offering a 3 year comprehensive warranty as standard.

Scorpion Track Subscription Prices (Payable to Scorpion Track)


Monthly Subscription

1 year Subscription

2 years Subscription

3 years Subscription

4 years Subscription

5 years Subscription

Lifetime Subscription*

*Duration of your ownership of the Vehicle


With our professional installation team of expert fully qualified auto electricians, our engineers will make sure you and your vehicle receive the right care and attention to detail, We will always leave your vehicle looking as good as new. Before we leave, We will ensure that you are 100% happy with the product installed and demonstrate fully on completion how it works.

As soon as the installation has been ordered, we will arrange for the engineer to install at a location and time to suit you.

We can install your product at any location convenient to you anywhere in the UK. The process is as follows:

  1. Place your order.
  2. We will contact you within 48 working hours to arrange your installation.
  3. We aim to install your product as quickly as possible after ordering. However, this is dependent on both customer vehicle and installation engineer availability.


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