SmarTrack S5+ Imob


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SmarTrack 5+ iMOB

No tag, no start

Including Free installation at your home address

A tracker/immobilisation system that directly counters relay theft and key cloning through immobilisation via driver detection.

Insurance approved – Thatcham category S5

2x Bluetooth Driver Detection cards & charger included.

Remote immobilisation with No Tag, No Start technology. 

Suitable for most vehicle types, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

Free Smartphone app & Faraday pouch!

Lifetime subscription option

Transferable to your next vehicle


SmarTrack S5+ iMOB Features

The SmarTrack 5+ iMOB has been tested to the Thatcham S5 standard. The tracker/immobilisation device operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology and has the added benefit of immobilisation to help protect your vehicle further. The immobilisation activates every time the vehicle’s ignition is switched off and disarms through the Driver Detection card present inside the vehicle. With the internal battery backup, the device has the ability to remain operational even when the vehicle’s power supply is removed. In addition, the device monitors the battery voltage level, ignition status and detects if the correct person is driving the vehicle through the driver recognition system.



This S5+ tracking device includes an immobilisation element to the tracking device. Every time you switch the ignition off the vehicle will be immobilised. To disarm the vehicle you will need to have a Driver Detection card within the vehicle to start.

Global Telemetrics App

The Global Telemetrics app is available for Android/Apple devices. This will show you up-to-date location information

Secure Online Account

This device includes a full online account which allows you to view both the current and historical locations and journeys of the vehicle. The online account also includes features such as Geofences and access to data reports. The online account is paired with a mobile app so that you can access the vehicle’s location at any time.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Waterproof Device

All SmarTrack devices are water and dustproof and are tested to IP rating 67.
Smartrack s5+ imob

In-House Monitoring

24/7 Secure Control Centre allowing the device to be fully monitored throughout the UK and Europe and the fastest response to any alerts.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Movement Alerts

If your vehicle is moved without the ignition being used, the Secure Control Centre will contact you to confirm the vehicle’s safety.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Battery & Anti-Tamper Monitoring

All SmarTrack tracking devices have their own in-built battery backup. Which is activated if the vehicle battery is disconnected or the main power supply to the tracking device is removed. If the battery on the vehicle is disconnected, this will trigger an alert through the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Repatriation Network

As well as working with all local and national police forces, Global Telemetrics use independent repatriation investigators around the world to help recover vehicles. These teams have extensive local knowledge and can assist in the recovery of our customers’ vehicles.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Recognised By All Major Insurers

SmarTrack has been trading for 15 years and is approved throughout the insurance and finance industry. SmarTrack’s Thatcham approval and insurance listing give peace of mind for customers and insurers alike.
Smartrack s5+ imob

International Network Roaming

SmarTrack uses multi-network, roaming SIMs in all of their products to ensure the strongest network connection at all times.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Multiple Tracking Technologies

In addition to GPS-based tracking, we also utilise other technologies to track and locate vehicles in the event of theft. This means we do not solely rely on GPS for obtaining location.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Battery Monitoring

All SmarTrack devices have the ability to monitor your vehicle’s main battery levels; we will contact you if the vehicle battery is running low and if the battery has been disconnected.
Smartrack s+ imob

Fully Transferable

All SmarTrack devices can be removed and refitted to another vehicle.
Smartrack s5+ imob

3 Year Warranty

As standard SmarTrack devices have a 3 year no quibble warranty. Extendable up to 12 years.
Smartrack s5+ imob

Flexible Subscription Options

Includes yearly, monthly, 24 and 36-month options and duration of ownership


Monthly Direct Debit £ 17.49

1 Year £199

2 Years £329

3 Years £429

Lifetime of vehicle ownership £749


With our professional installation team of expert fully qualified auto electricians, our engineers will make sure you and your vehicle receive the right care and attention to detail, We will always leave your vehicle looking as good as new. Before we leave, We will ensure that you are 100% happy with the product installed and demonstrate fully on completion how it works.

As soon as the installation has been ordered, we will arrange for the engineer to install at a location and time to suit you.

We can install your product at any location convenient to you anywhere in the UK. The process is as follows:

  1. Place your order.
  2. We will contact you within 48 working hours to arrange your installation.
  3. We aim to install your product as quickly as possible after ordering. However, this is dependent on both customer vehicle and installation engineer availability.


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