Vodafone A4615 Alarm With ADR Tags & Microwave Protection


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Vodafone A4615 With ADR Tags and Microwave Sensor Thatcham 2/1

The VODAFONE A4615 Alarm with ADR Cards allows driver recognition, keeping your vehicle safe against key cloning.
The A4615 provides the original vehicle keys with an additional passive digital signature. Preventing cloned keys from starting the vehicle without the ADR tag being present directly combating the “Hi-Tech” theft of a vehicle via key cloning.

The VODAFONE Microwave Sensor – Creates a bubble within the vehicle and triggers the alarm if the sensor detects an object entering the projected microwave bubble. Highly recommended for convertible vehicles, motor homes and Vans.

How the VODAFONE A4615 with ADR Cards System Works
The A4615 ADR alarm activates if the ADR cards are not present. This also immobilises the vehicle. The ADR cards transmit a wireless secure signal, programmed specifically for your vehicle, which allows the alarm to recognise you as the main user. If the ADR tags are within range of the vehicle, the alarm is disabled. If the ADR cards are not detected, the vehicle will not start and the alarm is activated.
The authorised driver can also override the ADR tag with a 4 digit pin code.
CAN/PLIP Integration
ECU programmable (Vehicle brand/model specific)
Armed/Pre Disarmed via Original Key
ADR Tag (Authorised Driver Recognition)
Microwave Sensor
Wireless link between Siren and ECU (Siren Optional)
Single circuit immobilisation
Anti grab/Anti scan
LED/Control button with override and diagnostic function
Cable cutting protection (Sabotage)
Panic facility via ADR Tag
Alarm trigger output for Tracking Device link

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