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Here at ES Auto Installations your vehicle security is our number 1 priority.

With Vehicle thefts rising each year and the ways in which thieves are stealing vehicles evolving, it has never been more important than too boost your vehicle’s security now.

ES Auto Installations have been experts in the vehicle security sector for over 12 years. We have extensive knowledge in this sector and can offer you a bespoke security package that we feel is right for you. 

Our products range from the popular Ghost 2 Immobiliser to Thatcham approved trackers such as the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus Tracker


Thatcham approved trackers are becoming more popular within the car industry due to the increase in car insurance premiums. When you purchase your vehicles insurance quite often the insurance company are now requesting a Thatcham approved tracker.

What are thatcham approved trackers?
‘Thatcham Research’ has been at the forefront of vehicle security classification for decades.
They launched the Thatcham Categories for trackers, alarms, and immobilisers in order to indicate the security effectiveness – helping motorists choose the best option for their vehicle and insurance providers advise on the correct level of security in line with your policy.
The 2 Thatcham tracker categories are S7 and S5.
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What is a thatcham approved s5 tracker?
Thatcham Category 5 is the highest classification when it comes to Thatcham Trackers (and vehicle security in general).
Due to the high level of security – including Driver Recognition – if your insurer has stipulated that you need a CAT 5 Thatcham Tracker, then you are likely to have a high-value vehicle and/or a vehicle that is highly targeted by thieves. An S5 tracker will come with a Driver recognition tag, That will instantly alert you and the tracker monitoring team of any attempt of theft if the vehicle has been stolen and the tag is not present inside the vehicle.
You can also upgrade your Thatcham S5 Tracker to a Thatcham S5 Plus tracker. A Thatcham S5 Plus will come with a driver tag and an immobiliser, If the tag is not present inside the vehicle the vehicle will not start. 
What is a Thatcham Approved S7 Tracker?